Davis Instruments 6322 & 6322C

Davis Instruments 6322 & 6322C

Vantage Pro2 Standard Sensor Suite
Model: 6322
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These Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suites (ISS) are the same sensors included with comparable Davis Vantage Pro2 console/ISS packages Davis 6152 & 6152C. They can be used to replace an original ISS or in applications where a console isn't needed and only a PC connection is required.

To use with a PC without having a console, you'll need one sensor suite, the Davis Instruments 6316 Weather Envoy, and the Vantage Pro2 WeatherLink software.

The Davis 6322 & 6322C Vantage Pro2 ISS has the ability to monitor wind, rain, temperature, and humidity.

The Davis Vantage Pro 2 6322 and 6322C models include:

  • Integrated sensor suite with rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, and anemometer. The temperature and humidity sensors are integrated beneath the rain collector (very nice).
  • 40 foot (12 meter) anemometer cable. The anemometer connects to the Sensor Interface Module (SIM) on the side of the rain gauge.
  • Bird Spikes. The rain collector has optional spikes that can be installed to avoid potential nesting.

**Please note that these Davis Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suites are not compatible with the original Vantage Pro (Vantage Pro "1"). They will only work with the Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Vue line of products.

These Integrated Sensor Suites DO NOT come with a Vantage Pro2 console.


Solar Powered Integrated Sensor Suite
The wireless, rugged outdoor sensor suite runs on solar power. A lithium battery provides backup at night and during cloudy, winter days. The cabled version receives power from the base station. The ISS measures the following weather conditions:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Rainfall
  • Rain Rate
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction


  • ISS Anemometer Side:
    14 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 17 1/2"
    (370mm x 130mm x 445mm)
  • ISS Rain Collector Side:
    11" x 9" x 13 1/2"
    (280mm x 230mm x 340mm)
Average Customer Rating 4.8 5 stars (based on 12 reviews)

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By Dan
From Portland, OR
5 stars Awesome weather station
This is our second (ISS). The first one made it 8 years. Can't live without a weather station, and in my opinion this is one of the best.
By Barbara
From Williamsburg, VA
5 stars Satisfied
We are VERY satisfied with our new ISS weather system
By Steve
From Astoria, OR
4 stars ISS Replacement.
Good service, good product.
By Howie
From Holtsville, NY
5 stars This unit replacement original Wireless VP2 ISS
No problems. Easy switch out. Did require one call to Davis tech help and they had me up and running in minutes. Weathershack A+ as usual.
By Karen
From Dallas, TX
5 stars love it
we received the sensor suite, installed it and were very pleased; once we got it up and running. seemed to take a bit to get it connected to the receiver but it is finally giving us all the information we enjoy. now if it would just rain I could see if the rain gauge is actually working too. thanks for all your help and the prompt delivery of this product customer service is awesome!
By Mike
From Meridian, MS
5 stars Best weather station made have had on for over 10 years
By Tim
From Westport, MA
5 stars Replacement Davis Vantage Pro 2 Wireless ISS
This is a replacement unit for a 6-year old integrated sensor suite that had begun to have intermittent transmission of outside temperature and humidity data. We use the unit every day and record the readings for personal analysis and chose to bring our unit back to 100% reliability by replacing the ISS. One can swap out failed individual sensors (temp, humidity, rain), but after more than five years in the weather, we thought it best to replace the entire unit. The ISS arrived on schedule and replacement went without a hitch. Before swapping out the ISS, I turned off the console (unplugged the power unit and removed the batteries). After the ISS was up and running, I powered up the console and went through the initialization process that I had used six years ago (and remembered to keep the console operator's manual). In a few minutes all the readouts were working as expected and have been ever since--even through a brief power outage. In our experience, this is a well-engineered unit that has a reasonable working life and is easy to install. We have never linked it to our computer or the internet, but know people who have done so easily after purchasing required software.
By Greg
From Flatonia, TX
5 stars Works great, always know the humidity, heat index, rainfall
Since we live out in the country our weather does not necessarily match what the weather person on TV says. It is nice to have a more accurate reading. Easy to install and use, only takes minutes.
By Alan
From Roswell, NM
5 stars Great Service
My old Davis Vantage Pro2 had weathered some 8 years of tough duty, here in the desert SW. The anemometer got noisy, and the humidity detector failed. It was time to purchase a whole new outdoor unit. The WeatherShack had the best price, and as it turns out, the best of service too!
By John
From Long Beach, WA
4 stars Nice Little Package GREAT service from WeatherShack!!
Easy to set-up and install. Recommend getting the mount kit for even easier installation. We have had sustained winds over 100mph and the unit survived unscathed. I would have rated it 5star but there is no provision to change individual sensors units. The unit lasted 3years before the temp sensor failed, so I guess that's not too bad, just would be nice to replace just the bad sensor, not the whole unit. WeatherShack is Fast, Fair & Friendly to deal with. I highly recommend them for the Davis Weather station.
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