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The RainWise RAINEW series of rain gauges meet NWS specifications for statistical accuracy with their 8" diameter self-emptying tipping bucket rain collector. Every time the bucket tips, a count is transmitted to the indoor display and the bucket empties. You never have to empty the gauge. Just locate the rain gauge in an open area and read the rainfall amount on the indoor display.

The RainWise RAINEW/ACCUM wireless rain gauge eliminates the normal wire connection from the rain gauge to the indoor display. The battery operated transmitter operates up to 300 feet away.

The dual counter indoor console displays Current and Cumulative precipitation amounts, allowing you to track both individual events and keep an annual running total. The current counter is displayed in 100ths of an inch and will indicate up to 9.99" of rain. A button on the counter lets you reset to zero after each rainfall. The cumulative counter is displayed in 10ths of an inch and will indicate up to 99.9" of rain. The current counter may be reset at any time without affecting the cumulative counter. Both counters have a keyhole slot in the back for wall mounting.

The RAINEW collector has a lifetime guarantee. The transmitter, receiver, counters and switches are guaranteed for one year.

  • Current rainfall: Displays in 100ths of an inch, indicating up to 9.99" of rain
  • Cumulative rainfall: Displays in 10ths of an inch, indicating up to 99.9" of rain
  • Transmission Range: Up to 300 feet open air

RAINEW Rain Gauge Battery Life:

  • RAINEW Rain Gauge Console
    3 AA alkaline batteries: approximately 9 months
    2 #357 alkaline coin cell batteries: several years
  • RAINEW Rain Collector (2-AA alkaline batteries): more than 12 months
  • Note: Actual battery life will vary depending on usage
Average Customer Rating 4.6 4.5 stars (based on 31 reviews)

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By Charlie
From Richmond, TX
5 stars wireless rain gauge
Seems to work great. The last one lasted about 6 years and went intermittent. Pretty expensive for 6 years of service. With the new unit I found that the transmitter board was what went out.
By Allen
From Rosenberg, TX
4 stars RainWise Rainview
Only had this product for a week or so but seems to be very accurate
By Roland
From Woodland, CA
5 stars RainWise wireless rain guage
I wanted a simple, straightforward quality guage, not a weather station. I already have a professional grade Young ananometer wind guage and various barometers and this instrument was to replace an old wired set. The item arrived quickly, was easy to set up and worked perfectly out of the box. The rain collection unit is mounted atop an aluminum awning approximately 30 feet from the reciever which I mounted at eye level in a hall way. I was a little concerned that mounting the collector on an aluminum patio roof would cause reception problems but it works fine. Each situation is different but this worked for me. The system seems well made and durable and seems a reasonable value. Oddly enough the only thing I miss is that my old system displayed using a resetable electromagnetic counter and clicked each time it registered a 10th of an inch; I miss the tell tale click as a simple rain alert!
By Joel
From Eatontown, NJ
5 stars Keeps me from getting wet
Will install after snow season is over. Great with free batteris.
By Scott
From Pahoa, HI
5 stars Excellent Accurate Rain Gauge
I've owned quite a variety of rain gauges over the past 40 years as I like keeping a record of rainfall. This RainWise unit is by far the best in terms of quality of build and accuracy of measurement. This recent purchase was to replace one I'd owned for over four years and had succumbed to ants nesting inside the unit and destroying the electrical circuitry. I particularly like the fact that it measures to 0.01 inch, where most rain gauges available for purchase only measure to 0.04 inch. You can rest assured, this is a fine investment.
By Jay
From Pittsburgh, PA
4 stars Good product
The rain gage arrived on time and in perfect condition. Generally I like the Rainwise gage especially since it is the only affordable gage I could find that measures down to one hundredth of an inch. The only feature that I wish it had was a low battery indicator so you don't have to guess when it's time to change them. The owners manual tells you when to change them on a time schedule but that could vary depending on the type and age of the batteries you used. Otherwise a good product.
By Rich Docekal
From Dysart, IA
5 stars Good Product
A little pricey, but very accurate rain gauge. Has good range with monitor inside a steel building.
By Greg
From Morgan Hill, CA
5 stars Rain Guage
Seems like a well made unit.I don't know how well it functions yet as it hasn't rained since installation.I like the ease of battery replacement.
By Robert
From Dayton, OH
4 stars Robust Rain Gauge For Home Use
This is a heavy duty and accurate rain gauge for home use. The wireless system works fine with the sensor on the roof and the display on an inside wall of my house. So functionally it is very good. The indoor display is not very pretty to look at. But it can be moved around the house since it is battery operated.
By Ron
From Brooke County, WV
4 stars Rain Gauge Good But Overpriced
Wireless unit was ready to set-up right out of the box and connected immediately from 200 feet away. It has been in use during a half dozen rains, and it appears to be accurate. Considering the price of the unit I was disappointed that it has no recordkeeping ability, and you have to reset both read-outs manually. The read-out unit is not free-standing, and the display is not back-lit, all features that much cheaper units offer. However, as the salesman said, the unit is "robust".
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