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AcuRite Classic Dial Thermometers

Classic Dial Thermometers

Temperature and humidity are the two most basic of weather variables and all of us are interested in what they are right now. Classic dial thermometers measure temperature by using a bimetallic spring-like coil that is sensitive to heat. One end of the coil is attached to a pointer and as temperature increases, the metal expands and that rotates a pointer higher around a fixed dial. As temperature decreases, the metal contracts and the pointer moves lower. Many of our classic dial thermometers are designed for beauty as well as accuracy. They are made from superior quality materials able to withstand the elements while delivering fashionable decoration for the home, garden, patio or pool. And Some models come with additional smaller dials which may feature humidity and/or barometric pressure.

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Weather Features

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AcuRite 50308 & 50314
AcuRite 50308 & 50314
18" Metal Indoor/Outdoor Analog Clock w/Temperature
  • 18" Dial
  • Temperature
  • F Scale Only
  • Radio Controlled Time
  • All-Weather Construction
Our Price: $59.95
5 stars (7)
AcuRite 02413
AcuRite 02413
8.5" Indoor/Outdoor Analog Clock w/Temperature
  • 8.5" Diameter
  • Quartz Clock Movement
  • F Scale Only
  • Weather Resistant
Our Price: $19.95
5 stars (9)
AcuRite 01597
AcuRite 01597
12.5" Cardinal Dial Thermometer
  • 12.5" Dial
  • Bold & Vibrant Graphics
  • F Scale Only
  • Made in the USA
  • Weather Resistant
Our Price: $14.95
4.5 stars (12)
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