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La Crosse Technology 308-1412-3TX
La Crosse Technology 308-1412-3TX
Wireless Multi-Zone Weather Station
  • Multi-Zone Display
  • Radio Controlled Date/Time
  • Indoor Temp & Humidity
  • Outdoor Temp & Humidity
  • Multi-Sensor Capable
Our Price: $59.95
5 stars (32)
La Crosse Technology 308-1415FCT
La Crosse Technology 308-1415FCT
Wireless Forecast Weather Station w/ Alerts
  • Indoor/Outdoor Temp & Humidity
  • Forecast Icons
  • MIN/MAX Records
  • Dew Point/Heat Index
  • Comfort Meter
  • Manual Set Date/Time
Our Price: $46.95
4.5 stars (5)
La Crosse Technology 724-1409
La Crosse Technology 724-1409
Wireless Digital Rain Gauge w/ Indoor Temp.
  • Self-emptying Rain Collector
  • Rainfall History
  • 24 Hour Rain Alert
  • Indoor Temperature (F or C)
  • Manual Set Time/Date
Our Price: $47.95
4 stars (7)
La Crosse Technology 513-149
La Crosse Technology 513-149
Digital Atomic Clock w/ Temperature
  • Indoor/Outdoor Temperature
  • Hour/Minute Display
  • Weekday, Month/Date Display
  • Radio Controlled Date/Time
Our Price: $47.95
4.5 stars (15)
La Crosse Technology 616-146
La Crosse Technology 616-146
Wireless Projection Weather Station & Alarm Clock
  • Indoor/Outdoor Temperature
  • Time/Temperature Projection
  • Radio Controlled Date/Time
  • Time Alarm w/ Snooze
  • USB Charging Port
Our Price: $56.95
4.5 stars (40)
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La Crosse Technology

Founded in 1985, La Crosse Technology is one of the world's leading producers of high-tech consumer electronics products including radio-controlled clocks, wireless weather stations and other measurement devices. A multinational company with a small-town philosophy of servicing customers to the highest level, La Crosse introduced radio-controlled clocks to the United States market in 1991 and continue to be on the cutting edge of this technology in America. Many of their weather instruments and clocks are calibrated daily to the atomic time standard of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Radio-controlled clocks never need resetting, they are calibrated daily by a radio signal sent from Fort Collins, Colorado, updating the device to within one second of official government time. La Crosse wireless weather stations feature state-of-the-art technology, providing accurate and reliable data on wind velocity and direction, indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, rainfall amounts and atmospheric pressure. La Crosse Technology also offers a line of specialty products including rain gauges, hand-held wind meters and much more.

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