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Outdoors Technologies LD-1000
Outdoors Technologies LD-1000
StrikeAlert Lightning Detector
  • Real-Time Lightning Detection
  • 40-mile Storm Detection Range
  • Audible & Visible Warning Alerts
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Easy-to-Use
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Outdoors Technologies

Outdoors Technologies was founded in 1999 for the purpose of providing an accurate, affordable, and uncomplicated device to warn outdoor enthusiasts of the presence of lightning. In 1998, one of the founders of Outdoors Technologies was riding his bike near his home in Colorado when he felt his hairs prickling and had a metallic taste in his mouth. He hopped off his bike and went to a low place on the ground. Lightning struck nearby. He made it home and, being an engineer, started thinking about how to protect himself in the future. For someone being outdoors so much, the presence of lightning is a common reality. In addition to spending a lot of time outdoors ourselves, the founders are also parents. Watching their kids on the soccer or baseball fields when there is a storm approaching is sobering. Coaches and referees didn't know how or when to make the call to end the game or practice. The same was true for lifeguards, golf course supervisors, and the list goes on. The company founders put their combined 60 plus years of Hewlett Packard test and measurement design experience to work and designed the original StrikeAlert product. They continue to be passionate about ways to improve their products.

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