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Woodstock Bells & Windbells

Bells & Windbells

Transport yourself back in time as you listen to the low tone of the steel cow bell or the crisp ring of little temple bells in the breeze. Designed for certain sounds and adorned with meaningful, decorative symbols, bells and windbells add old world charm and a more peaceful experience to any space. Also thought to bring good luck and prosperity.





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Woodstock Temple Bells - Trio, Copper
  • Overall Length 24 in.
  • Trio of Bells Offer Restful Tones
  • A Classic Garden Décor
  • 3 Polished Copper Steel Bells & Windcatcher
  • Wood Clappers
Our Price: $33.95
5 stars (8)
Woodstock Heroic Windbell-Grand
  • Overall Length 52"
  • Deep Resonance
  • Steel Bell
  • Aluminum Windcatcher
  • Black Finish Wood Clapper
Our Price: $240.95
5 stars (13)
Woodstock Habitats - Dragonfly Windbell
  • Overall Length 20"
  • 3 Cast Brass Dragonflies
  • Delicate Flower Bell
  • Dragonflies Symbolize Flexibility
  • Verdigris Finish Aluminum & Cast Brass
Our Price: $24.95
4.5 stars (22)
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