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Rain Gauges

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Rainfall Gauges
Starting At: $9.95
Complete Home Weather Stations

Either cabled or wireless, these will monitor wind, rain, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Most can interface with a computer!

Starting At: $94.95
Manual Rain Gauges

Simply an open top container or tube, calibrated in inches to measure rainfall. They need to be hand-emptied after each rainfall to ensure correct measurements.

Starting At: $6.95
Digital & Wireless Rain Gauges

All of these rain gauges feature a self-emptying (tipping bucket) collection system. The total rainfall is displayed on a convenient digital display.

Starting At: $47.95
Professional Weather Stations

Meets world meteorological standards, highly accurate and timely. Measures temperature, wind speed/direction, rainfall, humidity, barometric pressure, and more.

Starting At: $409.95
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