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Davis Instruments 6415

Davis Instruments 6415

Sonic Anemometer for Vantage Pro2 Weather Station and ISS
Model: 6415
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The Davis Instruments 6415 Sonic Anemometer measures wind speed and wind direction without any moving parts. This adds even more ruggedness and reliability with minimal maintenance. The Davis 6415 has pairs of electro-acoustic transducers in the anemometer which send pulses back and forth. Time is measured for how long it takes the pulse to travel from one to the other. Movement of air affects the pulse travel time. This allows the anemometer to calculate wind speed and direction which is calibrated by temperature measurements. The Davis Sonic Anemometer 6415 features a solar panel that charges its own factory-installed battery, no external power needed.

The sonic anemometer can be used to upgrade your existing Vantage Pro2 weather station and Vantage Pro2 ISS. When used with a Sensor Transmitter 6331 or 6332, it can be used to include additional wind stations in your existing system when reporting to a WeatherLink LIVE hub. Includes mounting hardware, battery, alignment tool and 40' cable.

  • Wind speed range: 0 to 89 mph
  • Wind speed accuracy: 2 mph
  • Wind direction range: 16 points (22.5) on compass rose, 1 in numeric display
  • Wind direction accuracy: 2 at wind speeds =/> 7 mph, 4 at wind speeds < 7 mph
  • Anemometer: 15" x 2.4"
  • Cable length: 40' (maximum cable length 250') Note: Maximum displayable wind speed decreases as cable length increases


Average Customer Rating 4.5 4.5 stars (based on 4 reviews)

By John
From Tucson, AZ
5 stars Works as Advertised
The Davis Sonic Anonemeter is built to last with no moving parts to break down. The sonic version is better at recording slower wind speeds than my former cups/version, and although I don't have definitive data, the Sonic seems to be able to record instantaneous wind speeds better, since the cups are either speeding up or slowly down, based on changing wind speeds and inertia, and cups seem to record more smoothing over time wind speeds over several seconds rather than instantaneous wind speeds. My comment especially about the Sonic model being better at measuring instantaneous wind speeds is very subjective, so take that with a grain of salt. Overall, I like the Sonic version much better. I may run my old cups anemometer into a separate transmitter and compare wind speeds measured by cups vs Sonic, but that is a project much further down the road.
By Allan
From East Dummerston, VT
5 stars Much better rotating cups
This wind sensor is much more sensitive than the old mechanical one. You will see more low speed readings. And the peaks will be higher.
By Bill
From Harrison, AR
5 stars Christmas gift
product a Christmas gift for my son. won't be used until 2022
By Robert
From Thibodaux, LA
3 stars Stopped sending data to console for about 9 hours
During a pretty bad thunder storm the unit stopped sending wind speed and direction for about 9 hours. Contacted weather shack and they referred me to Davis tech support. Davis sent me a replacement unit and it is doing great just waiting for the next storm event to see if it can be reliable. Really like the units fast response time to my console. Davis tech support is 1st class and so are the people at weather shack


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