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Wireless Rain Gauge
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The RainWise RAINEW series of rain gauges meet NWS specifications for statistical accuracy with their 8" diameter self-emptying tipping bucket rain collector. Every time the bucket tips, a count is transmitted to the indoor display and the bucket empties. You never have to empty the gauge. Just locate the rain gauge in an open area and read the rainfall amount on the indoor display.

The RainWise RAINEW/ACCUM wireless rain gauge eliminates the normal wire connection from the rain gauge to the indoor display. The battery operated transmitter operates up to 300 feet away.

The dual counter indoor console displays Current and Cumulative precipitation amounts, allowing you to track both individual events and keep an annual running total. The current counter is displayed in 100ths of an inch and will indicate up to 9.99" of rain. A button on the counter lets you reset to zero after each rainfall. The cumulative counter is displayed in 10ths of an inch and will indicate up to 99.9" of rain. The current counter may be reset at any time without affecting the cumulative counter. Both counters have a keyhole slot in the back for wall mounting.

The RAINEW collector has a lifetime guarantee. The transmitter, receiver, counters and switches are guaranteed for one year.

  • Current rainfall: Displays in 100ths of an inch, indicating up to 9.99" of rain
  • Cumulative rainfall: Displays in 10ths of an inch, indicating up to 99.9" of rain
  • Transmission Range: Up to 300 feet open air

RAINEW Rain Gauge Battery Life:

  • RAINEW Rain Gauge Console
    3 AA alkaline batteries: approximately 9 months
    2 #357 alkaline coin cell batteries: several years
  • RAINEW Rain Collector (2-AA alkaline batteries): more than 12 months
  • Note: Actual battery life will vary depending on usage


Average Customer Rating 4.6 4.5 stars (based on 41 reviews)

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By Annette
From Sun Lakes, AZ
5 stars Rainwise
Product was missing washer and grommet on the antenna. Previous rain wise lasted about 7 or 8 years, but very accurate.
By Allen
From sycamore, IL
4 stars "RainWise" wireless rain gauge
seems to be very consistent, adding an integrated stand, battery low and signal strength meters would make it even more user friendly.
By ted
From Finger Lakes, NY
4 stars too soon
Only rained i since, too soon to review
By Rich
From San Mateo, CA
5 stars Rainew Wireless Rain Gauge
This is a very accurate rain gauge, no frills but measures in 1/100th of an inch which others do not.
By Alex
From Sacramento, CA
5 stars Few Storms and it's seems to be working.
I purchased this gauge because it was wireless and self emptying. The system is simple and the set up is easy.
By Jim
From Campbell, CA
5 stars Works great
The Rain Gauge was easy to set-up, install and use. It is placed on top of an arbor about 40 ft. from the house. There is no line of sight between the detector and the receiver and the receiver is well within the house. It works fine and seems to be accurate.
By Bs
From Orangeburg, SC
4 stars .
By Richard
From Tappahannock, VA
5 stars Title
It is still in the box. I have liked rainwise in the past and I will probably like this rain guage. Richard
By Linnae
From Sabetha, KS
5 stars Functionality
The rain gauge functions as advertised.
By Wally
From Grand Prairie, TX
5 stars Great Product
This is about the fifth unit I have used over the last 20 years.Our Texas heat and wind does take a toll on the outside unit. I love this product.
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