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RainWise RAINEW211

RainWise RAINEW211

WIRED Rain Gauge
Model: RAINEW211
Sale Price: $119.95
Special Order - Anticipated Ship Date 04/09/2023
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The RainWise RAINEW series of rain gauges meet NWS specifications for statistical accuracy with their 8" diameter self-emptying tipping bucket rain collector. Every time the bucket tips, a count is transmitted to the indoor display and the bucket empties. You never have to empty the gauge. Just locate the rain gauge in an open area and read the rainfall amount on the indoor display.

The RainWise RAINEW 211 cabled rain gauge comes with a 60 foot cable to connect the rain gauge to the indoor display. You can run the cable through a window if you are careful not to cut the wire when the window is closed. The cable cannot be buried.

The dual counter indoor console displays Current and Cumulative precipitation amounts, allowing you to track both individual events and keep an annual running total. The current counter is displayed in 100ths of an inch and will indicate up to 9.99" of rain. A button on the counter lets you reset to zero after each rainfall. The cumulative counter is displayed in 10ths of an inch and will indicate up to 99.9" of rain. The current counter may be reset at any time without affecting the cumulative counter. Both counters have a keyhole slot in the back for wall mounting.

The RAINEW collector has a lifetime guarantee. The transmitter, receiver, counters and switches are guaranteed for one year.

Note: This model is a WIRED unit, not wireless.



RAINEW WIRED Rain Gauge Battery Life:

  • RAINEW Rain Gauge Console
    3 AA alkaline batteries: approximately 9 months
    2 #357 alkaline coin cell batteries: several years
  • Note: Actual battery life will vary depending on usage


Average Customer Rating 4.4 4.5 stars (based on 9 reviews)

By Ted
From North Augusta, SC
5 stars The best rain gauge ever
I love this rain gauge because of the large receptacle which I feel gives a much more accurate indication of the true rainfall, and also because it measures in hundredths. Since I'm in the nursery business, these accurate indications gives me a much better idea of addition water needed when we irrigate. It's also easy to install, and other than having to clean a few leaves out of the receptacle every now and again, it's maintenance free.
By floris
From Muleshoe, TX
4 stars raingauge
works great
By Union city
From Ohio, OH
4 stars Easy to set up no rain yet
By Dana
From Royal Center, IN
5 stars Great stuff
This is exactly what I want and needed, and at a reasonable price. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Your website is efficient. I liked the whole experience. Thanks Dana
By Richard
From Harrisburg, PA
4 stars Nice product, staff helpful in understanding meter readings
By Jay
From North Royalton,, OH
4 stars Very convenient for me with my back surgery.
I had been using a ruler in a can I modified with a perfectly flat bottom and vertical sides, which gave excellent results but was too hard to use after my back surgery, so looked for something more convenient. I had a few issues with electrical interference on the long thin twin-lead wire causing spurious readouts, and plan on putting a heavier shielded co-ax cable on it if it continues. I think making a cover for it to protect it from ice and snow during winter would be helpful. Otherwise, a very nice product.
By Lew
From Portsmouth, NH
5 stars Connects smoothly to a Hobo UX120 Pulse Logger
Great device, and very economical. I used it to measure the condensate from a residential dehumidifier. The tech support folks were able to tell me that each "bucket dump" releases exactly 8.433 milliliters of water (0.018536 lbs of water). With that information, could get the amount of condensate produced during a given test period. Then I disconnected the display from the bucket guage wire, and simply connected those same wires to an Onset UX120 Hobo pulse logger. Each bucket dump sends a 100 ms pulse to the logger. The display unit that comes with the guage made it easy to know exactly how much condensate is being produced. But the pulse logger goes beyond that information, allowing me to know exactly when the condensate is being produced. The two devices work smoothly together. Very helpful for my work.
4 stars as advertised
Would be 5 stars if it had a clock that would zero the day at midnight and start a new day. Perhaps a review of the past few days it would have all the whistles and bells.
By Lester
From La Mirada, CA
5 stars The rain collector is beautiful, well designed,
unit with calibration screws and all. It was easy to install, and the wall mounted display is nice looking and easy to attach. there has not been but a small shower since I installed it, but it worked fine. I am well pleased with this rain gauge.


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