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Woodstock Bells of Paradise-Large

Woodstock Bells of Paradise-Large

Bells of Paradise Chime - Large
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NOTE: A chime being larger or smaller than anticipated is the primary reason for returns. Please reference the size specifications below to avoid surprises. Chime length refers to the overall length of the chime, not the tube length.

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This Woodstock Bells of Paradise large wind chime offers an elegantly wonderful tone and sustained resonance.

Based on an ancient system, our Bells of Paradise Wind Chimes are tuned with what is known as just intonation. The frequencies at which the different tubes vibrate are related to one another by simple whole-number ratios. Tones that are related in this way produce the purest, most beautiful musical intervals. The elegant look and evocative sound of this chime will deeply satisfy your longing for paradise. Made of aluminum tubes which are specially-suspended, these chimes resonate longer than other wind chimes, bathing you in enduring harmony every time the wind blows. Hang this chime in your home or yard and enjoy the sounds of paradise right where you are.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This chime is designed to hang from a crimped string loop rather than a metal O-ring. Please visit our Wind Chime Ring or Loop Mounting Design page for detailed information of this type of attachment with illustration.



Average Customer Rating 4.9 5 stars (based on 99 reviews)

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By Jill
From Gilbert, MN
5 stars Love the sound happy with product
Very satisfied with the tones of this windchime. Soothing and very well made.
By Sharon
From Pittsfield, IL
5 stars Beautiful tone, beautiful chime!
This is the second set of chimes we have purchased from this company. The quality of the chimes is outstanding and we couldn't be more pleased! We would definitely recommend this company when searching for that perfect gift or for your own personal enjoyment.
By Jeff
From Austin, TX
5 stars Beautiful and Soothing
The Bells of Paradise replaced an older, smaller set of chimes, and what a difference it makes. In strong winds, my old chimes would sound clanky and jangly. The Bells of Paradise, thanks to the heavier tubes and clapper, produce a lower, more resonant, and more soothing sound even in high winds. My life is now a little more serene thanks to you.
By Wanda
From Wapello, IA
5 stars Wonderful sound
Got these for gifts for our daughters, they both love soft relaxing sounds, we are so sure they will love these windchimes.
By Jonathan
From Santa Rosa, CA
5 stars Wow I'm a chime person now!
Great size, color, and of course sound! I have hung mine in a large oak tree, we recently had a wind storm and not only did it hold up fine since it was built sturdy it sounded amazing.
By Santi
From Harker Heights, TX
5 stars love this wind chime
Very satisfied with this wind chime. The sound is perfect! I open my windows so I can hear it on windy days!
By Eric
From Houston, TX
5 stars They are amazing
The wife was really happy with these. They have a great sound to them.
By Anna
From Frankfot, IN
5 stars This chime is wonderful
The awesome sounds coming from this chime is mesmerizing. The sound is so rich and deep. It hangs in our patio area and is just delightful.
By Cathy
From bellevue, NE
5 stars I really like the chimes, the sound is just what I wanted
The web site was real easy to use, being able to hear the chimes was great. I got it in a very short time, was packed well and was able to hang it up right away.
By Lucus
From Greensburg, KY
5 stars It looks great ,sounds great and it shipped fast
I bought this as a gift for my wife we sit and listen to it everyday we are very pleased with the craftsmanship,it sounds so amazing and relaxing.. Thank you for making it eazy to pick the right one by the sound clips


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