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World's Coolest Rain Gauge 9-CRB

World's Coolest Rain Gauge 9-CRB

Solid Copper Rain Gauge with Metal Tabletop Stand
Model: 9-CRB
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What's So Cool About A Rain Gauge?

Can a rain gauge be cool? Normally, no. But this is the World's Coolest Rain Gauge and it will forever change your mind about the humble pluviometer, an obsolete word for rain gauge, likely from the French word pluviomètre (Latin pluvia, rain + -mètre, meter).

Admittedly, this rain gauge is a little different than most. The numbers on the measurement tube are in reverse order. The tube doesn't hold water. When it's empty, you can't see the numbers. What's going on here? Does this thing even work?

It certainly does. And there's centuries of science backing it up. The theory behind this pop-up rain gauge is based on Archimedes' principle of water displacement. As water flows into the solid copper collection flute, the measurement tube rises to show water accumulation. To paraphrase the great man himself, "Eureka! That's cool!"

The 9 inch solid copper rain gauge with a metal stand is great for a patio, deck or in a low-growing garden bed. Inside the flute, a blue polycarbonate tube and foam float wait patiently for rain. As rain falls into the collection flute, the blue tube rises to show the accumulated precipitation. Cool, right?


World's Coolest Rain Gauge 9 Inch Copper Tabletop


Okay, It's Cool But What Else?

Some of the many advantages of the World's Coolest Rain Gauge include:

Usability - The measurement tube is clearly marked in 1/4 inch increments and measures up to five inches of precipitation.

Visibility - The measurement tube floats up, so you can read it from up to 30 feet away, just by observing how much of the tube is showing!

Durability - The solid copper flute will weather to a graceful patina over time, but it will not rust, rot or crack. The stand is powder-coated for rust resistance. The rain gauge passes up using a glass measurement tube in favor of bright blue polycarbonate plastic - it's unbreakable and frost proof. The copper flute has a lifetime manufacturer warranty. The plastic and steel parts have a five-year manufacturer warranty.

Frost proof? Yes, you can you leave the "World's Coldest Rain Gauge" outside year round as it can withstand years of frigid, snowy winters. As soon as the snow melts, this rain gauge will be back doing what it does best; measuring rainfall.



A new twist on a classic device, the World's Coolest Rain Gauge is not flimsy or cheesy. The World's Coolest Rain Gauge is easy to read and fun to use. Empty, it looks like an attractive, all-season decorative accent. It's made entirely in the USA and most of the parts are sourced within a 30 mile radius of the company's upstate New York studio. Assisted by a collection of brilliantly quirky machinery and imaginatively repurposed gizmos, they fabricate, test, pack, and ship out the World's Coolest Rain Gauge. We think you'll agree: it's practical, fun... and very cool.


Average Customer Rating 4.7 4.5 stars (based on 11 reviews)

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5 stars Beautiful and accurste.
Unique, beautiful and accurate. Exceeds expectations. Will buy again as gift for family members,
By Carla
From Lakeville, MN
5 stars I had a plastic one and wanted copper
I wanted a copper rain gauge
By Edmund
From gales Ferry, CT
5 stars exactly as described - seems durable.
By Terri
From Sioux City, IA
5 stars Love it!
Bought this for my husband - he loves it! The large numbers for measuring the rain are great, they can be seed from inside the house! Very sturdy and withstands high winds!
By Roger
From Antioch, TN
4 stars A very unique rain gauge. I had one like it with a copper ho
The product you sent me is exactly as you described it. The product came in a timely manner and was well-made.
By Joseph
From Glen Gardner, NJ
5 stars New rain gauge
Works as advertised and intended. Hope it is freeze proof.
By Kathleen
From Mobile, AL
5 stars World's coolest rain gauge is the bomb !!
Mobile usually is one of the rainiest cities in the US - I have always had a rain gauge to measure it but none like this !! I can easily read it from inside my house & the way it works & looks REALLY are "the coolest" !!!
By Sarah
From Tremont, ME
4 stars Rain Gauge
This rain gauge is to be a Christmas gift. It arrived promptly and appears in good condition. I may never know how it actually works but it looks good. Very decorative.
By Walland Bob
From Walland, TN
4 stars Yes, it is cool!
One suggestion. Make the white level indicators encircle the entire tube so it can be read from all angles.
By Mike
From Keene, CA
5 stars Looks Good and Functions Great
Excellent product that is very functional and is admired by everyone who walks past our place on the community path. Highly recommended!


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