Professional Weather Stations

Professional Weather Stations

Our line of professional weather stations offer reliable - often critical - real-time weather information; ideal for commercial, industrial, educational, governmental and military weather monitoring applications. These professional weather instruments are designed to meet international meteorological standards, providing highly accurate and timely measurements of wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, humidity, temperature, rainfall, and more with optional sensors available for some models.

Weather observations on television, radio, or the internet, from weather stations 10 or 20 miles away, can differ significantly from the conditions being experienced at your location. Monitoring local weather conditions plays a critical role in decision making and having an on-site professional weather station will ensure that you'll receive the crucial weather information you need.

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Weather Features

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Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Stations

The Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station is superior and as good as they come! The quality of this unit is apparent from the moment you first open the box.

Starting At: $562.95
RainWise Weather Stations

RainWise MK-III Wireless Weather Stations provide superior accuracy, including all of the capabilities and features desired by knowledgeable weather enthusiasts.

Starting At: $805.95
Davis Instruments 6250
Davis Instruments 6250
Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station
  • Indoor/Outdoor Temp & Humidity
  • Wind
  • Rainfall
  • Solar Powered Outdoor Sensor
  • Manual Set Date/Time
Our Price: $355.95
4.5 stars (483)
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