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Rain Gauges

Rain Gauges
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Digital & Wireless Rain Gauges
Digital & Wireless Rain Gauges

All of these rain gauges feature a self-emptying (tipping bucket) collection system. The total rainfall is displayed on a convenient digital display.

Manual Rain Gauges
Manual Rain Gauges

Simply an open top container or tube, calibrated in inches to measure rainfall. They need to be hand-emptied after each rainfall to ensure correct measurements.

Featured Brands
Featured Digital & Wireless Rain Gauges See all Digital & Wireless Rain Gauges »
La Crosse Technology 724-1710
La Crosse Technology 724-1710
Wireless Rain Gauge w/IN & OUT Temp.
  • Self-emptying Rain Collector
  • Programmable Rain Alert
  • Indoor & Outdoor Temperature
  • F and C Scale
  • Manual Set Digital Clock
Our Price: $55.95
4.5 stars (11)
AcuRite 00899
AcuRite 00899
Wireless Rain Gauge
  • Rainfall Measurement (in./mm)
  • Self-Emptying Rain Gauge
  • Rainfall Alarm
  • Flood Watch Alarm
  • Clock & Calendar
  • Tabletop or Wall-Mountable Design
  • Durable, Weather Resistant Construction
Our Price: $39.95
4.5 stars (8)
Oregon Scientific RGR126N
Oregon Scientific RGR126N
Wireless Rain Gauge w/Outdoor Temperature and Ten-Day Memory
  • Daily, Nine-Day Historical and Total Rainfall Records
  • High Daily Rainfall Alarm
  • Self-emptying Rain Collector
  • Outdoor Temp
  • Digital Clock
Our Price: $74.95
4.5 stars (143)
Featured Manual Rain Gauges See all Manual Rain Gauges »
Productive Alternatives STRATUS
  • Meets NWS Standards
  • Clear UV Resistant Polycarbonate
  • Measures 11" of Precipitation
  • Graduated in 1/100 Inch Increments
  • English or Metric Models Available
Our Price: $37.95
5 stars (100)
Oh Crow! W24RGR & 24-RRB8
Oh Crow! W24RGR & 24-RRB8
Rain Gauge with Metal Stake
  • 5" Rain Capacity
  • Solid Copper or Molded Resin Collection Flutes
  • Easy to Read Blue Polycarbonate Tube Float
  • Stake Mount
  • Weather Resistant
  • Made In The USA
Our Price: $46.95
5 stars (37)
La Crosse Technology 705-109
La Crosse Technology 705-109
Manual Rain Gauge
  • 6" Rain Capacity
  • Easy to Read Measurement
  • High Impact Plastic Construction
  • Mounting Bracket Included
Our Price: $12.95
5 stars (57)

Rain Gauges

Rainfall impacts all of us, from the lack of rain during times of drought to the dangers of flash floods when we receive too much rain too fast. For some interests - such as gardeners, farmers, and meteorologists - rain gauge data is critical information. For the rest of us, obtaining rain measurement information with a rain gauge is interesting and fun!

A rain gauge collects falling precipitation and funnels it to a rain measurement device. In a standard manual rain gauge (one that has to be manually emptied), the rain measurement device is a graduated cylinder. In digital rain gauges, a self-emptying "tipping bucket" rain gauge is the most common type of rain gauge used for rain measurement. The reading is then transmitted to the indoor display console for recording/display of the information. This is done either wirelessly using radio waves (wireless rain gauge) or via electronic cabling (cabled rain gauge).

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