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Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges

WeatherShack is the weather station Superstore for tipping bucket rain gauges. Below you can browse our rain gauges that feature a self-emptying "tipping bucket" collection system. Rainfall impacts all of us, from the lack of rain during times of drought to the dangers of flash floods when we receive too much rain too fast.

Self-emptying technology uses two small "buckets" mounted on a fulcrum (balanced like a see-saw). The tiny buckets are manufactured with tight tolerances to ensure that they hold an exact amount of precipitation. The tipping bucket assembly is located underneath the rain collector, which funnels the precipitation to the buckets. As rainfall fills the tiny bucket, it becomes overbalanced and tips down, emptying itself as the other bucket pivots into place for the next reading. The action of each tipping event triggers a small switch that activates the electronic circuitry to transmit the count to the digital display. On a wireless rain gauge, that count is transmitted via a radio signal.

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Our selection of tipping bucket rain gauges are designed with quality craftsmanship for many years of enjoyment. In addition to the products listed below, please visit our full selection at:

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La Crosse Technology V42-PRO
La Crosse Technology V42-PRO
Complete Wireless Wi-Fi Color Weather Station
  • New!
  • View Data on Mobile Device
  • Indoor/Outdoor Temp & Humidity
  • Wind Speed/Direction
  • Rainfall & Dew Point
  • Internet Forecast/Date/Time
Sale Price: $162.95
4.5 stars (6)
AcuRite 01528
AcuRite 01528
AcuRite Iris Complete Wireless Color Weather Station
  • IN/OUT Temp & Humidity
  • Wind Speed/Direction
  • Rainfall
  • Heat Index/Wind Chill/Dew Point
  • Manual Set Time/Date
  • Color Display
Our Price: $167.95
5 stars (209)
AcuRite 01089M
AcuRite 01089M
Wireless Rain Gauge w/ IN & OUT Temp.
  • Rainfall Measurement (in./mm)
  • Self-Emptying Rain Gauge
  • Indoor/Outdoor Temperature
  • Indoor/Outdoor Humidity
  • Heat Index & Dew Point
  • Clock & Calendar
  • View Data Online (Optional)
Sale Price: $62.95
4.5 stars (95)
La Crosse Technology 328-10618-INT
La Crosse Technology 328-10618-INT
Wireless Wi-Fi Color Weather Station w/ Wind Speed & Rainfall
  • View Data on Mobile Device
  • Indoor/Outdoor Temp & Humidity
  • Rainfall & Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction (Wi-Fi Required)
  • Dew Point & Barometric Pressure
  • AccuWeather Forecasts
Our Price: $149.95
4.5 stars (57)
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