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Web/Alert Thermometers

Web/Alert Thermometers

Monitor and protect whats important to you with our selection of web/alert thermometers. User-defined alerts for forecast high or low extremes of temperature, humidity and precipitation, and severe weather alerts. If conditions rise above or fall below them within the environment the thermometer is monitoring, the system will alert you. These alerts can be sent to you via email or SMS text message on your mobile phone. Imagine being alerted to severe weather conditions while you are on vacation. You may also add up to 5 forecast locations to your wireless display.

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AcuRite Build-Your-Own Environmental System
AcuRite Build-Your-Own Environmental System
Temperature & Humidity Smart Environmental System
  • WeatherShack Exclusive
  • Remote Online Monitoring
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Connect Up To 7 Sensors
  • Custom Alerts via Email/Mobile
  • Export/Save Data
Our Price: $127.95
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