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World's Coolest Rain Gauge 24-CRB

World's Coolest Rain Gauge 24-CRB

Solid Copper Rain Gauge with Metal Stake
Model: 24-CRB
Our Price: $54.95
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What's So Cool About A Rain Gauge?

Can a rain gauge be cool? Normally, no. But this is the World's Coolest Rain Gauge and it will forever change your mind about the humble pluviometer, an obsolete word for rain gauge, likely from the French word pluviomtre (Latin pluvia, rain + -mtre, meter).

Admittedly, this rain gauge is a little different than most. The numbers on the measurement tube are in reverse order. The tube doesn't hold water. When it's empty, you can't see the numbers. What's going on here? Does this thing even work?

It certainly does. And there's centuries of science backing it up. The theory behind this pop-up rain gauge is based on Archimedes' principle of water displacement. As water flows into the solid copper collection flute, the measurement tube rises to show water accumulation. To paraphrase the great man himself, "Eureka! That's cool!"

The 24 inch solid copper rain gauge with metal stake is great for low-growing garden beds, next to a patio or deck as an attractive accent with PURPOSE! Inside the flute, a blue polycarbonate tube and foam float wait patiently for rain. As rain falls into the collection flute, the blue tube rises to show the accumulated precipitation. Cool, right?


World's Coolest Rain Gauge 24-inch Copper with Metal Stake


Okay, It's Cool But What Else?

Some of the many advantages of the World's Coolest Rain Gauge include:

Usability - The measurement tube is clearly marked in 1/4 inch increments and measures up to five inches of precipitation.

Visibility - The measurement tube floats up, so you can read it from up to 30 feet away, just by observing how much of the tube is showing!

Durability - The solid copper flute will weather to a graceful patina over time, but it will not rust, rot or crack. The stake is powder-coated for rust resistance. The rain gauge passes up using a glass measurement tube in favor of bright blue polycarbonate plastic - it's unbreakable, freeze proof and will not be damaged in temps below 32 degrees. Of course if there's rainfall in the tube the precipitation will freeze but not damage the tube. The copper flute has a lifetime manufacturer warranty. The plastic and steel parts have a five-year manufacturer warranty.



A new twist on a classic device, the World's Coolest Rain Gauge is not flimsy or cheesy. The World's Coolest Rain Gauge is easy to read and fun to use. Empty, it looks like an attractive, all-season decorative accent. It's made entirely in the USA and most of the parts are sourced within a 30 mile radius of the company's upstate New York studio. Assisted by a collection of brilliantly quirky machinery and imaginatively repurposed gizmos, they fabricate, test, pack, and ship out the World's Coolest Rain Gauge. We think you'll agree: it's practical, fun... and very cool.


Average Customer Rating 4.8 5 stars (based on 146 reviews)

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By sheri
From Loveland, CO
5 stars Just what I needed for the fall rains to come.
This is a simple yet non-breakable rain gauge that is viewed from your window for easy reading after a hardy shower. The copper color and blue plastic gauge goes well in my yard.
By Wayne
5 stars rain gauge
I guess so far so good, we got a good rain and it showed 3".
By Janie
From Auburn, AL
5 stars Satisfied with quality and performance of gauge
Works great! Does not freeze in cold weather. Makes an attractive gift for the difficult person on your list.
By Brenda
From Hudson Oaks, TX
5 stars Fun & deciorative rain guage
This was a Father's Day gift. My husband loves it! And I love the accent to the garden.
By L .G.
From Laingsburg, MI
4 stars Trustworthy, made in the USA
I purchased this as a gift for fathers day. I will have to come back and review the rain gage after that. It was shipped on time and packaged well. Communication with the company is excellent. So far I rated 4 stars because we haven't opened the gift yet, but hopefully all is well and there are no broken parts.
By Robin
From Dawsonville, GA
5 stars Awesome product!
We love this rain gauge! It is so much better than the typical plastic gauge. It was actually tested the very first day we put is out. A thunderstorm came up-it poured rain for about an hour-got an inch and a half in that time-so we were able to pratically watch it rise! It is also quite lovely in appearance. Instead of putting it in the ground we attached it to our fencing around the pool where the sprinkler system can not contribute. We used zip ties and it works fantastic!! Could not be happier!
By Trace
From Columbia, SC
5 stars Cool Form AND Function!
I admit I was a bit skeptical about the "coolest rain gauge" claim. But as I was looking for something decorative that didnt look whimsical, this gauge---and its name---caught my attention. I can say now with certainty that not only is this gauge simple and elegant, it's also easy to read from a distance and appeals to the eye between rainfalls. It is sturdy and installs easily. I am extremely pleased with the copper edition: totally worth the extra bucks! Plus, I am thrilled to support a Made In The USA product. Thanks, Weather Shack!
By Jean
From Oceanside, CA
5 stars Love it! Fun to watch from inside a dry, warm home.
We don't get much rain so when we do, it is very exciting. Our recent storm gave us over an inch of rain. It was great to watch the blue tube rise out of the copper gauge as rain fell. Another storm arrives later today so in the morning, I will be able to look out the window and see the results without stepping outside - very clever!!
By Pat
From Morgantown, WV
5 stars She liked it!
This was chosen as a gift for my daughter-in-law. She liked the large numbers that can be read from a distance and the clean lines of the style. I will give it a 5 for now since she is happy with it. If it holds up through a winter then it will get 5 stars plus an exclamation point!
By James
From Kerrville, TX
5 stars Love it
This is the 2nd one purchased. It will be a gift. Love the way it measures the rain, by the blue tube rising. Also a very attractive yard art.


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