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Davis Instruments 6332

Davis Instruments 6332

Vantage Pro2 Solar-Powered Wireless Multi-Sensor Transmitter
Model: 6332
Sale Price: $235.00

Please note this transmitter is intended to be a standalone unit.
It is not a replacement for the transmitter on the side of the VP2 ISS.

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The Davis Instruments 6332 Vantage Pro2 Solar-Powered Multi-Sensor Transmitter enables you to create a customized wireless sensor station that can communicate directly with your Vantage Pro2 console, Vantage Connect, or WeatherLink Live. Each transmitter can support up to five different sensors. Allows an existing Vantage Pro 2 anemometer to be located independently from the Vantage Pro 2 integrated sensor suite (ISS) for distances greater than the 40-foot cable connection to the ISS unit.

The transmitter has a transmission range of up to 1,000 feet. For longer distances, add one or more wireless standard range repeater or long range repeater. Transmitter is contained within a weather resistant shelter. Solar-powered with capacitor and lithium back up battery. Lithium battery lasts up to 8 months without sunlight; more than two years depending on solar charging.

Also works independently with the 6410 anemometer, 6415 sonic anemometer, 6475 and 6477 temperature probes, 6466 stand-alone rain collector, temperature & humidity sensors, 6490 UV sensor and the 6450 solar radiation sensor.

Note: The Davis 6332 is not compatible with the original Vantage Pro (Vantage Pro "1"). It will only work with the Vantage Pro2 line of products.



Average Customer Rating 4.9 5 stars (based on 47 reviews)

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By Dirk
From Driftwood, TX
5 stars Item arrived quickly and as described
Replacement unit for one that quit working after 15 years of service.
By Joe
From Haverhill, MA
5 stars Sensor transmitter
Works great. Replaced my PCBA in my ISS using this PCBA.
By Joe
From Bartlett, TN
5 stars Cool Beans
Works great, should come with anti corrosion compound for battery terminals.
By Bob
From Palmdale, CA
5 stars Good Stuff.
Works as advertised.
By James
From Durham, ME
5 stars Perfect
By Scott
From Gallatin, TN
I purchased this unit as an add on to the Pro2 station. I wanted to monitor the pool temperature. It works great and I can observe pool temperature Data over time and compare it to the outside ambient temperature. It will be interesting to predict opening and closing of the pool and when to plan on adding pool chemicals during the swim season.
By Jim
From Grangeville, ID
4 stars As Advertised
Our sensor transmitter is mounted in our hoop house and feeds both a weatherlink live and a VantagePro 2 console. It has a single temperature/humidity sensor attached. We use it primarily to monitor for over/under temperature conditions. In the best of all possible worlds, the transmitter would also allow us to attach a soil temperature sensor, but this does not appear possible with the 6332 as it appears limited to a single temperature sensor.
By Tom
From Pittsboro, NC
5 stars Works as it is supposed to - be sure to order sensors
This worked exactly as expected. However, while planning my order I assumed that it would include an internal temperature and humidity sensor, but careful review indicated that I needed to purchase a temperature and humidity sensor to go with it. I thought the instructions for installation were well written and correct. Liked they included what size drill bit to use.
By Dale
From Brussels, WI
5 stars Signal Strength
Very strong signal range through multiple walls (this sensor transmitter is on the far side of our home where it was better to measure wind speed accuracy)
By Aaron
From Hillsboro, OR
5 stars It works
just make sure you have the dip-switches set correctly.
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